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Central Government

Memset Is Playing A Crucial Role in Transforming Central Government ICT

Where the G-Cloud programme is having the biggest impact to date is within central government where traditionally they have had a limited choice for IT services. In fact the National Audit Office (NAO) reported in 2013 that historically only 18 large suppliers undertook 80% of central government IT work.

SMEs like Memset are playing a crucial role in breaking up this oligopoly of large suppliers and demonstrating that, by turning to smaller organisations, the public sector can deliver projects in a more agile, cost-effective and timely manner, transforming the procurement process.  

Technology is a key enabler for reforming central government and, with our proven track record of providing cloud-based solutions, Memset offers central government departments the opportunity to try out cloud solutions without making an ongoing commitment. Our services are provided via the Digital Marketplace.

With central government customers reporting savings of up to 90% on what they are used to paying, when using Memset, we support central government in delivering maximum impact in terms of their service delivery, efficiency and environmental obligations.

Memset can provide the infrastructure to support systems such as digital services or can work with our partners, such as G-Cloud SaaS suppliers, to provide a more comprehensive IT service where this is required.

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