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Open Source

With our Miniserver VM® virtual server and Memstore™ cloud storage services accredited by the Pan Government Accreditor, back in September 2012, we became the second company to get IL2 accreditation, demonstrating that our approach of massive automation is compatible with secure government IT services.

Moving into the government hosting space, we’ve been able to dispel the myth that open source is insecure and unsuitable for high-security requirements. In fact, we firmly believe that open source is as secure as closed source software. 

The Cabinet Office have confirmed that having open information and software that can be used across government departments will not only result in lower licensing costs in government IT, but also reduce the cost of lock-in to suppliers and products.

This prompted the government’s ICT strategy of ensuring that open source solutions should be considered in all new ICT procurement. Memset have been massive advocators of open standards and we’re genuinely leading the way in providing our public sector customers with real choice and portability of hosting infrastructure and the cloud concept of "contract free" hosting services enabling organisations to avoid being tied into closed virtualisation software, development or content management systems for example.

+44 (0)1483 608010
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