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What is G-Cloud

“[Departments] looking at their IT strategy should look toward the cloud frameworks at the end of contracts, rather than doing big outsourcing,” Denise McDonagh,  director of the government's G-Cloud programme

Memset is also very proud to say that we were selected as the preferred supplier to host the Store which is currently running on a cluster of our Virtual Miniserver VM's®

The CloudStore is a new way for Government to buy IT products and services. It is an online catalogue of information and communications services available to the UK public sector, and contains details of each of the suppliers and their services. You can use the CloudStore to select the services that best suit your needs.

There are currently four categories of services on the store and they are Infrastructure, software, platform and specialist services. The store can be accessed online here:

The CloudStore is a constantly evolving project and new features and suppliers are being added to the service every year. Any business that is transacted through the CloudStore is transparently reported by suppliers each month and every supplier pays a small percentage of the order values with the aim of the service being "self-funding" in the future.

The CloudStore comes under the umbrella of The Cabinet Office and they have a G-Cloud team who offer help and support to other public bodies:

You find Memset’s offerings in the CloudStore here.

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