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What Can You Achieve With Memset


Engaging clients and employees to enhance learning and data quality by challenging and rewarding through digital gaming interface is becoming a successful and favoured trend in marketing and branding campaigns. Using the cloud to deliver these applications enables organisations to reach a wider audience at an efficient cost through Compute, Storage and Data and Content Delivery. Using Memset’s Miniservers and Memstore allows snapshots to be created to recreate Miniservers in different languages while only paying for the amount of usage required.

Customer Relationship Management

As public sector organisations are faced with more financial and resource constraints they will be looking to update their expensive legacy systems to be more efficient. Outsourcing the hosting aspect of these projects can increase the resilience and reliability creating a coherently efficient system at a fraction of the cost, especially with Memset’s low cost Miniserver VM packages.

Content and Document (EDRM) Management

Becoming a more critical part of collaboration around public sector organisations as departments record and share fundamental project related information through deploying specialist content management systems through the intranet. Through working with developers, Memset can build a solution to suite your requirements that will ensure the systems are fast and secure. Content Managed Systems can also underpin the structure of your website and Memset will ensure that excellent hosting means that customers are able to access important information when required.

Unified Communications

Real time communication services enable organisations to keep in touch wherever they may be without the hassle of chasing up someone through different channels. This increases the efficiency of communications by being agile and responsive to customers or colleagues needs. Memset can provide the infrastructure that fit with your organisations applications and requirements to save you costs.

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