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Firewall Rule Groups

Memset's firewalling configuration is based on firewall rule groups.

A firewall rule group is a list of firewall rules that are saved and given a unique name. Every server with firewalling belongs to one firewall rule group.

For servers with basic firewalling, Memset chooses a suitable rule group for your server based on the operating system and control panel. For servers with self-managed or Memset-managed firewalling, you can add, modify and delete rule groups. You are also able to switch the server from one rule group to another.

The advantage of using groups is that multiple servers can belong to the same rule group. For example, you could use the same rule group for all of your web front ends, and a different rule group for your database servers. This cuts down on duplication of work as you can assign servers with identical firewalling needs to the same group and make changes to all of their configuration in only a single location. It also means that all servers in a group have exactly the same configuration.

Last updated 4 May 2017, 06:18 GMT