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Firewalling Levels

We offer the following firewalling levels for your Memset server:

No Firewalling

If you select this option, it is your responsibility to firewall your server. This option is only suitable for experts who know how to configure IP Tables or Windows firewall.

Deny All Firewalling

If you select the "Deny All" Firewalling, no inbound traffic is allowed, except for ICMP (Ping Requests) and Memset Monitoring and Support Services, all other traffic is denied.

Basic Firewalling

The basic firewall blocks all access to non standard ports. The accessible ports include those for HTTP, SSH, SMTP and POP3, and appropriate remote-access protocols such as Remote Desktop or cPanel/WHM.

The accessible ports depends on your your operating system and control panel. Click on the links below to see the details for your operating system.

Please note you must be logged in to your Memset account view the firewall rule group details.

The basic firewall is non-configurable. If you want to customize your firewall rules, you can upgrade to our Self-Managed or Memset-Managed options.

Self Managed Firewalling

Our Self-Managed Firewalling is fully configurable through the Memset control panel.

When you order a new server with Self-Managed or Memset-Managed firewall, your server will be assigned to one of the following rule groups based on your operating system and control panel (e.g. cPanel) if you chose not to have the "Deny-All" firewalling. Click on the links below for more details of what is included as standard in the Firewall Group for your chosen Operating System.

Memset-Managed Firewalling

Memset-Managed firewalling gives you access to the same self-service tools as our Self-Managed firewalling. In addition, we will make changes under your instruction if you submit a support ticket.

Last updated 3 June 2019, 12:18 GMT