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Firewall Editor

The firewalling overview page displays all the firewall rule groups used by servers in your account, and any firewall rule groups that are not currently in use. You can click through to view the firewall rule group, and from there, you can edit the firewall rule group.

If you are using a rule group that does not belong to your account, you are not able to edit it. Examples of these groups are the per-configured Basic Packet Patrol groups. However, these groups are available to clone should you whish use one as a basis for your own group.

The Change rule groups page allows you to change the rule groups for any servers with Self-managed and Memset-Managed firewalling. If you have any servers with no firewalling or basic firewalling that you would like to upgrade, please contact our sales team.

Last updated 20 August 2014, 22:16 GMT