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Creating A Rule Group

Memset's firewall is based around the idea of rule groups. A rule group is a list of firewall rules that are assigned to one or more servers.

In order to create custom firewall configuration for your server you will first need to create a new group. Once the new group exists you will be able to configure it.

There are two ways to create a new rule group:

  • Clone an existing group
  • Create a new empty rule group

When a new group is created it will start without any rules. In order to create a new group,click on the link marked “Add a new rule group”.

All of this can be carried out from the Firewall overview page

Once a new group is created or an existing one cloned, and before it is assigned to a server, it will appear on the page linked to above underneath the list of your servers and marked as “Unused” until a server is assigned to it.

It will also be available in the drop-down list of available rule groups via the “Change the firewall rule group for your servers with the managed firewall service” link.

Last updated 4 May 2017, 06:17 GMT