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Performance Patrol Load Balancing and Auto-Failover

The Memset load balancer and auto-failover product is able to crate clusters of servers which provide performance via scaling and high availability via auto-failover. The load balancer service is entirely configurable and managed by the Memset account control panel.

After the load balancer is ordered it will be added into your Memset account as a new service available in the Your Services section of your account. Included free with the load balancer a dedicated vLAN. The vLAN is provided so that the internal, private communication between the load balancer and the servers in the cluster and can run at full LAN speeds and the networked services can be configured to only listen on the private IPs making them more secure.

In order to start using your the load balancer you must first be logged into Memset control panel with via the account log in page.

The following is a typical small performance cluster using the load balancer:

In this example the load balancer will listen on a single public IP address for incoming HTTP and HTTPS connections (this public IP is allocated automatically on setup of the load balancer and is referred to in the configuration pages as the virtual IP). These incoming connection are then redirected to the internal network of servers. It should also be noted that it will also auto-failover because should a webserver become unavailable then incoming connections will be routed to the other available server(s) in the cluster.

A second typical example would be a primary server with a secondary fail over server (configured as a fallback) ready to take connections only in the event that the primary should go offline. A server configured as fallback will only receive incoming connections when the primary server(s) in the cluster are offline.

An representation of a cluster with a fallback server would look like the following:

The load balancer is configured and managed via it's dedicated section of the Memset account control panel. This page is found via the Load Balancer link in the Tools section of the account Summary page.

The load balancer page will show a list of all load balancers in your account. The Manage link to the left will take you to the overview and configuration page for that load balancer.

How to use the Memset load balancer

In order to configuring and deploy a load balanced cluster the following steps must be followed:

  1. Add servers to the load balancer's vLAN - The load balancer will only direct traffic to servers that are on its vLAN. In order to add servers to a vLAN please see the vLAN documentation page. Please be aware that adding a miniserver server to a vLAN will initiate a reboot.
  2. Create and configure a cluster with the Service Manager - This process is explained in the load balancer service manager page of the documentation.
  3. Enable and configure monitoring and a firewall - This last step is optional but advisable.

Last updated 11 February 2016, 10:08 GMT