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Cloud IaaS (Powered by OpenStack)

What is OpenStack?

OpenStack is a collection of tightly-coupled tools along with a control panel that enables virtual machines, virtual networks and compute/storage resources to be incredibly easily managed. OpenStack works from a pool of resources i.e. RAM, CPU, bandwidth and IPs, and allows virtual machines to be created and linked by virtual networks in whatever configuration fits your needs. When your requirements change, your OpenStack environment can change to match them in seconds.

How do I interact with OpenStack?

When working with Memset's OpenStack solution, you have four main options:

  • Use the OpenStack API
  • Use the OpenStack CLI
  • Use the OpenStack GUI (Horizon)
  • Use a third party cloud management system

Memset has implemented an OpenStack environment adhering to the OpenStack Marketplace standards with full access to the core reference APIs. This enables any OpenStack-compliant third-party management tool to be used with the Memset OpenStack Platform.

Memset also provides the Horizon dashboard for all OpenStack deployments, which is the recommended entry point to managing your resources. The Memset OpenStack documentation will explain how to manipulate the Horizon dashboard to manage the deployment.

In addition to the Memset documentation, extensive additional information can be found on the OpenStack documentation repository.

The Memset OpenStack documentation is split into two parts:

OpenStack Fundamentals provides a high-level overview of some basic concepts of OpenStack.

OpenStack How To Guides provides some more details on getting started with your Memset OpenStack deployment.

Last updated 7 July 2017, 08:12 GMT