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Overview of Memstore™

What is Memstore™?

Memstore™ is our exciting new cloud storage solution. Whether you're looking for a way to store your holiday photos or your company's entire documentation this is the solution for you. Reliable, secure, flexible and simple to use, Memstore™ provides you with a cheap and stress-free way to manage your files. Accessible either through the OpenStack standard API for 3rd party applications, our simple user interface or via public containers, you can adapt and configure Memstore™ to suit your needs.

We have based our service on OpenStack, which is a collection of open source software developed and supported by a wide range of cloud experts. This gives you complete peace of mind as our Memstore™ solution is founded on tried, tested and compatible Object Storage software. Combined with seamless integration with our existing infrastructure this enables us to provide the best cloud storage solution around.


We understand that your data is important which is why we designed our Memstore™ system with security in mind. Access to files in Memstore™ is based on a token system which verifies authorisation and access level, providing a high level of security for your data without compromising download speed.

Whilst we are confident about the quality and reliability of our hardware, it is a fact of life that hard disks sometimes fail. We have built triple redundancy into our Memstore™ system so there are always three replicas of your data. In the unlikely event of a disk failure the system will automatically fill in the gaps from the other disks. As there will be no disturbance to either your data or your access you will never even know this has happened.

For added security you can assign different permission levels to the various people with access to your Memstore™. They can either have account level access and be able to access all containers (essentially top level folders), write to them and delete them. Or they can have Container Level access whereby you can set their permissions for each individual container. This flexibility allows you to share information easily with customers and associates without making any security concessions.

You can choose to access Memstore™ via our control panel, simple FTP or secure and encrypted SFTP/SCP interfaces.


One of the biggest advantages of Memstore™ over storing your data on your own hardware is its flexibility. You can rapidly increase or decrease your storage capacity whenever you need to without the hassle of buying more hard disks or RAM. On top of this you only pay for the storage space you actually use and the data you actually transfer so there is no need to continually pay for extra storage and transfer if you will only need it a few times a year.

As we have based our Memstore™ on open source software there are absolutely no licence fees to pay. This means that you won't feel tied to our service if you aren't happy. Freedom to move your data is an important aspect of OpenStack. We want our customers to stay with us because we're the best cloud hosting provider around not because they don't have a choice.

Our use of open source software means that if you're not completely satisfied with our service you can quickly and easily transfer your data to one of the many other companies using OpenStack software. 3rd party applications developed through our API are consequently also easily transferable across many different cloud storage providers.

Please see the third party applications page for some examples of applications you could use with our Memstore™ solution.


With Memstore™ there is no need to download or install any software in order to access your files. Whilst we encourage the development of 3rd party applications through our API, we also offer a simple FTP/SFTP/SCP interface and public container access.

With the FTP/SFTP/SCP interface your storage appears on your computer as a remote folder and you can simply drag and drop your files in and out.

The public container access allows you to use our Memstore™ to take the pressure off your website. Store all your videos, images and large files in containers you have chosen to be public and we will deliver your data directly to your visitors' web browsers over http. This will save you valuable storage space and bandwidth on your website.

We also take care of upgrades, disk space and backups for you, taking the hassle out of storage. Our Memstore™ can be accessed from any device with access to the Internet, which means your data is available to you whether you're at your desk or on a train.

Private Memstore™

Whilst we have complete confidence in the security of our Memstore™, some people may prefer to have their own private cloud infrastructure and we have a package for them as well. If, for example, your company needs to comply with data retention regulations or strict data security policies, then our private Memstore™ solution running on hardware dedicated to you might be the best option.

Applications Compatible with Memstore™

Thanks to our FTP and SFTP/SCP interfaces, Memstore™ supports different popular file transfer applications out of the box. Besides that, Memstore™ supports the OpenStack Object Storage API, which is compatible with Rackspace Cloud Files™ API.

Check our documentation about Accessing Memstore with Third Party Clients.

Last updated 11 June 2015, 10:18 GMT