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Configuring Auto-Reboots And Monitoring

Memset provides a facility to enable and disable monitoring, auto-reboots and the associated reminder emails. The page to configure these options is located in the Memset control panel and is linked to from the Manage page for each server with a link marked Monitoring setting.

This page allows one of following four monitoring/reboot moods to be enabled on a single server:

Enable Monitoring

This is the default monitoring mode and means that Memset will actively monitor the server and re-boot it should it not respond to pings for around 10 minutes.

Disable Monitoring. Send reminder emails

This options removes the server from the Memset monitoring system. However, Memset will periodically send emails alerting you to the fact that monitoring has been disabled. This mode is generally used when there is maintenance work or other temporary changes on the server that will interfere with normal monitoring and cause the server to get an unwanted reboot.

Whilst this mode is active the server will not get auto-rebooted and its status will not be available in the Memset account.

Disable Monitoring. Do not send reminder emails

This mode will remove the server from the monitoring system and no reminder emails about this will be sent. This mode is generally used when it is desired that the server have monitoring permanently disabled.

Whilst this mode is active the server will not get auto-rebooted and its status will not be available in the Memset account

Disable Auto-reboot

This mode only disables auto-reboots. The server will continue to be monitored and its status available in your Memset account. The only action that will be taken should the server go offline is that an email notification will be sent to the Admin contact for the Memset account.

Please note that a Memset technician will not be alerted in the event that the server goes offline.

Configuring All Servers In The Account

Memset also provides an additional page that lists all the servers in the account. The current mode for all servers can be viewed and modified from this page. This page is arrived at via a link located at the bottom of the above page. The link is labelled Edit monitoring settings for all servers

Last updated 11 June 2015, 09:25 GMT