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IPv6 Control Panel Configuration

Enabling IPv6 (beta) support for your server

In order for your server to start talking IPv6, you will need to tell our backend system which server(s) you want IPv6 enabled. To do this, log into your Memset account control panel and locate the IPv6 Beta link within the Tools subsection of your account.

You will now be prompted to allocate IPv6 Prefixes to your server(s). Just click the tickbox next to each one you want to assign an IPv6 prefix to, and then click Submit.

You will now see a list of IPv6 enabled servers, however no IPv6 addresses have yet been allocated. To do this, click on the server's IPv6 Prefix link that you want to allocate a new IPv6 address to.

It's best that you select the random address option to allocate the IPv6 address prefixes to your server. Just ensure that the random address option is ticked and then click Submit. You will now find that your server has been allocated your IPv6 address. Repeat for each server you want to assign an IPv6 address to.

Once you hit "Submit" you will be shown the new IPv6 address for the server in the top yellow bar on the page. This will look like the following:

Your server has now been allocated an IPv6 address and is networked with IPv6 support. However, the server is not yet configured to work with IPv6.

In the case of Miniservers all you need to do is to reboot the miniserver via the Memset control panel. When it reboots it will pick up the new IPv6 networking configuration automatically.

For full servers they will need manual configuration which is detailed on this page:

You will also need to use the  Memset DNS Manager (if you have your domain(s) nameservers pointing to us) to assign AAAA records to your server.

Last updated 11 June 2015, 09:14 GMT