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DNS Transfers of Domains

There are various types of domain transfers. These are ownership, registration and DNS. The only type we will be looking at here is a DNS transfer. This type of transfer can be made without modifying the ownership of the domain or changing the company in charge of maintaining its registration.

This document only applies to domains that were registered with a company other than Memset.

When domain is transferred to new Authoritative Nameservers (the nameservers that contain the working DNS Records) what is being done is that the global DNS system is modified to point any requests for DNS information to the Memset nameservers instead of the old DNS servers.

This change can only be made by the company that registered the domain i.e. the company you pay for the registration renewal of the domain.

Unfortunately, Memset cannot do this for you because the company that registered the domain has no way of knowing who Memset is and if our intentions are honest or not. They will only transfer the domain at the request of the account holder.

What Do I Need To Do?

Fortunately, the process is very simple to transfer a domain. however, in order to ensure normal operation of the domain throughout the process must be carried out in the following order:

  1. Add the domain to the Memset DNS Manager and create the records it will need to use after the transfer
  2. Transfer the domain to the Memset nameservers.

In order to transfer the domain to Memset all that needs to happen is that you log into the control panel for the company that registered the domain, locate the section for transferring the domain to new nameservers and enter the following as the new authoritative nameservers:

Once these new nameservers are submitted the domain will start to use the Memset nameservers from 1 to 12 hours later. Unfortunately there is no fixed when the changeover will happen. This website:

checks and displays authoritative nameservers for domains. When the top section displays the Memset nameservers as listed above the domain has completed the transfer.

Transferring A Domain Away From Memset

Should you with to use a different set of nameservers for your domain other than the Memset ones then you will need to do one of two things depending on where the domain was registered.

If the domain was registered by Memset then you will need to log into the OpenSRS control panel via a link in your Memset control panel and modify the authoritative nameservers there. Please see the Memset registered domain management section for more information.

If the domain was not registered by Memset then you just need to go through the steps listed above for transferring a domain to Memset but using the nameservers of your new DNS provider.

Last updated 10 June 2015, 15:04 GMT