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Cluster Status and Management

The cluster status and management control panel view is available in the tools section of your account summary view .

This view allows you to check the current status of your cluster as well as enable and disable different components.

There are two different sections in the cluster view:

  • Cluster servers: here you see the list of servers in your cluster, including those not load balanced but in the same vLAN (i.e. a database server).
  • Cluster services: here you can choose which service you want to see in detail. The service is identified by the protocol, public IP and port used by the service (i.e. http

Available Actions

If there are no pending actions in a server, service or real service, any of these items can be disabled or enabled, changing the behaviour of the cluster.

When a disable or enable action is executed, the required operations in the cluster are scheduled and may need a few seconds to be performed. The control panel view will reload automatically every 60 seconds until the pending actions are finished.

Depending on the item, the disable has different consequences:

  • Disabling a server: this action affects only this cluster, and not other clusters the disabled server could be in. Disabling a server means that it will not be considered by the load balancer director in the different services.
  • Disabling a service: the service will stop working completely.
  • Disabling a real service: the real service will be ignored by the load balancer director in the related service.

Disabling items in a cluster is necessary for maintenance and can affect the services provided by the cluster.

Last updated 11 February 2016, 10:15 GMT