Managing Recovery Points

Configuring the number of recovery points

R1Soft backups for Memset Servers allow you to specify the number of recovery points stored for your server. For further information about recovery points, please refer to the R1Soft wiki.

As of July 2012, Memset configure new backups with 7 recovery points. You can view or change the number of recovery points through the R1Soft management interface by following the steps below:

  1. Log into the R1Soft Management Interface, via the Memset Control panel.

  • Log in to your Memset control panel.
  • Select Servers or Miniservers from the Your Services menu.
  • Select Manage for the appropriate server.
  • Click Managed Backups settings underneath Management tools.
  • Click on the link for Management Interface and log in with your username and password.
  1. From the menu in the bottom left corner of the screen, select Policy
  1. Select your server's backup policy.
  1. Click on the Data Retention tab to view the recovery point limit. In the example screenshot below, R1Soft is configured to retain 7 recovery points.
  1. To change the recovery point limit, click the edit icon for your server's backup policy.
  1. Enter the new value in the Number of Recovery Points to Retain box, then click save.

Configuring archive points

Achieve points are recovery points that are stored in a separate pool to the recovery points and will be retained for a much longer period. They should be though of as historical backups and a new schedule is created that will take a backups of the server with much longer time intervals available.

Archive points can be taken hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly with the option to select on which of the previous next lower time intervals to take the backup. For example, if a yearly interval is selected then all the months of the year will be available to be selected as is shown in the image below:

Archive points are created by adding an archive schedule to the active policy for the server. This is done at point 6. above in the section labelled Recovery Point Archiving Schedule.

That section will show any previously set archiving schedules (Memset does not set any by default) and also contains the button labelled Add Archiving Schedule. Clicking that button will open the above dialogue where a new schedule can be configured and enabled.

There is no limit to the number of achieving schedules that can be set so archive points can be saved.

Locking recovery points

The action of locking a recovery points means that the R1Soft server will never delete the recovery point. It will remain in the recovery point pool and it will occupy one of the available recovery points but it will never be removed by the server.

Locking a recovery point is achieved by browsing to the Recovery Points section of the R1Soft interface and either clicking on the padlock icon on the right end of each displayed recovery point, as shown here:

Or, if more than one is required to be locked then checking the left hand check box next to each required recovery point and clicking on the Lock Selected icon:

Unlocking recovery points is simply checking the locked recovery points and hitting the Unlock Selected button located next to the Lock Selected button shown above.

Last updated 3 March 2016, 14:47 GMT