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R1Soft Backups for Windows Servers

R1Soft Backups

R1Soft is the backup solution offered by Memset to backup up Windows servers. It is a highly configurable and efficient backup solution that minimises disk I/O, bandwidth and backup size by utilising block level incremental backups.

Much more information regarding R1Soft can be found on their website.

R1Soft backups will be offered on the server configuration page for all full and miniservers that have Windows selected as the OS.

Should you wish to add R1Soft backups to your server after it has been ordered simply login to your Memset account and navigate to the Overview page for the server and click on the Managed Backups Setting link in the Management Tools section.

Please see the additional sections, listed on the right, for more information on managing your R1Soft backups.

Last updated 2 March 2017, 09:14 GMT