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Support, Contacts and Users

Memset provides the facility to assign fine grained control over the permissions that users have when they log into a Memset account. These permissions govern which parts of the account that user has access to and what they are able to do and see when logged in. This enables the account owner to provide, for example, an outsourced engineer, the ability to submit support tickets but not view or modify any financial information contained in the Memset account.

Every user is treated individually and must log in using a unique username and password.

There are two types of users for every Memset account; the admin and billing contacts and users. The primary difference between users and contacts is that only the contacts will receive Memset communications such as renewal reminders, technical advisories etc.

Admin and Billing contacts

A Memset account always has admin and billing contacts. These two contacts represent the primary contacts for the account in terms of authority and communication. Should the account be administered by an single person then is it perfectly normal that these two contacts be the same person. These contacts have the following roles:

Admin Contact

The admin contact is the most important contact in the account and should be thought of as the account owner. The Memset staff will default to them as the authority of, and primary point of contact for, the account. Their wishes will override those of any other contact on the account.

All non-financial email correspondence will get sent to the email address of the admin contact.

Any user can be made the admin contact for the account however they must first be given a full set of permissions before they can be assigned that role.

Billing Contact

The billing contact details are those that will be used on all invoices. Any changes to the billing contact information will only be reflected in future invoices. Should it be required that the details of an already issued but unpaid invoice need to be changed please contact the sales team at to get a new invoice issued.

Only the billing contact will receive all financial correspondence such as renewal reminders and invoices. Other users can have the Manage Billing permissions but only the Billing Contact will receive invoices and other financial correspondence.

Any user can be set as the Billing Contact but only if they have first been assigned Manage Billing permissions.

Users and Permissions

Memset accounts can have an unlimited number of other users. These users can be assigned any combination of permissions up to and including the same level as the contacts. However, they will not receive Memset communications and Memset staff will defer to the Account Contacts.

The permissions that can be assigned to a user are as follows:

  • Manage Users This permission allows the addition of other users and the modification of their permissions. Users with this permission can also manage API keys.
  • Manage Billing This permission allows the user to view financial pages such as invoices and manage payment methods.
  • Manage Services This permission allows the user access to the technical services in the Memset account. This includes managing firewall settings, the DNS manager, perform reboots and others.
  • Manage Support This permission allows the user to view and submit support tickets and make emergency phone support for anything covered by the Managed Platform SLA.
  • Purchase Services This permission allows the user to complete a shopping basket checkout i.e. buy something for the account.

All support requests, both email and phone, now require that the request is made by someone who has been added to the account and assigned manage support permissions.

Managing Contacts, Users and Assigning Permissions

When a Memset account is first created a single set of contact details is required. This contact will be made the admin and billing contact when the account is created. In order to assign a contact role or provide access to the account to anyone else they must first be added to the account as a user.

The Update Details page, linked to from the Account Summary page displays all users for the account. New users are added via the link marked Add new contact. This link will open a page where the new user's details are entered.

After the new user has been added to the account they can then be assigned permissions via the Manage user permissions link also linked to from the Update details page. A new user will have no permissions when first added. A user with no permissions will be unable to log into the account.

This image is from an account with two users one of whom is the Admin Contact and the other is the Billing Contact:

The following shows the same users viewed on the permissions page:

The green ticks indicate required permissions for those contacts; admin and billing, and the normal, black tick indicates an additional assigned permission.

Removing Users and Contacts

A user can be removed from the account by browsing to the Update Details page, checking the box on the Delete column on the user's row and clicking on the Submit button.

A contact cannot be directly deleted. In order to delete a contact an alternative user must first be made that contact. Once the undesired user is no longer the contact it will be possible to delete them.

An alternative user can be assigned as the admin contact only after they have been given both manage and billing permissions. The billing contact role can only be assigned to a user who has been assigned the billing permissions.

Memset account contact details and domains

Memset account contact details are separate to the contacts listed on any domain names registered through Memset. Changes to the Memset contacts will NOT change the domain name contacts. Domain contact details must be updated via the OpenSRS domain management interface. For more information regarding managing domains registered through Memset refer to the domain name documentation here.

Last updated 19 September 2019, 14:52 GMT