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Renewals and Cancellations


Memset will enable auto-renewals by default for all products that are paid for with a credit or debit card. Around 1-2 weeks prior to the the product expiry date an invoice for the next renewal period will be created and emailed to the account billing contact and the card later debited around one week prior to the expiry date.

If the initial payment is made via either a bank transfer or cheque then auto-billing will not be enabled. The invoice will be generated and sent out 1-2 weeks prior to the expiry date but the renewal will not take place until the funds are recorded in the Memset bank account.

All renewals will copy the length of the previous renewal or initial rental period. In addition all renewals, either automatic or manual, will always extend the renewal period from the expiry date and not the date that the renewal is paid on. For this reason no paid renewal time is ever lost no matter when the renewal is made.

How Do I Check An Expiry Date?

The expiry date for any Memset product can be found on its Manage page via the Summary section of your Memset account. The Manage page for each product can be found by locating and clicking on the type of product in the Services section of the Summary page e.g. Miniservers, Domains, Memstores. The list that follows will show every product of that type in the account along with its expiry date. If the Manage link is clicked to the right of the product the expiry date and other information about the product can be obtained.

How Is A Memset Product Cancelled?

Memset products can be cancelled at any time by submitting a cancellation request. The cancellation request page is linked to from the Manage page for the product via the link marked “Renewals and Cancellation”.

After a cancellation request is submitted the product will remain live until the end of the currently paid renewal period unless Memset is specifically requested otherwise.

What Happens To My Data When The Server Is Cancelled

In accordance with the ISO 27001 Information Security Management accreditation Memset maintains very strict procedures protect the integrity of client data both during the time that the server is in use and also after it is cancelled. This means that very shortly after a full or miniserver server is taken offline its entire file system and all its data is securely and permanently erased. The data is not simply deleted but overwritten multiple times with random bits making data recovery impossible. In the case of full servers the disks are removed from the chassis and every block overwritten. In the case of miniservers the LVM partitions that function as the hard disk for the miniservers are overwritten multiple times before the LVM partition is removed and those areas of the disks re-allocated to new miniservers.

Once the disks or partition have been securely erased the data they held cannot be recovered. All valuable data from the server must be downloaded before the expiry date of the server. If additional time is needed to download data please contact the sales team at in order to delay the expiry of the server.

A Memset snapshot of miniservers can be taken prior to the server being cancelled which places a complete copy of the miniserver in a Memstore account where it will be available to download after the server has been taken offline. Please refer to the docs on creating and managing miniserver snapshots for more information on how to do this. The relevant section can be found here:

Last updated 19 September 2019, 14:53 GMT