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When will Memset send A renewal invoice?

Memset will email an invoice to the billing contact of the account one to two weeks prior to the expiry date of the product. More information on managing the contacts for the account can be found in the Managing Contacts page of the documentation here:

Where can I get a copy of an old invoice?

Memset makes available copies of all invoices that have been issued including invoices that were subsequently cancelled or refunded. These invoices are available on a page linked to from the Summary page under the Your Orders section via a link marked View all orders. The page that follows will show a summary of all issued invoices, their number, amount, payment status, payment method and date of issue.

The invoice number is a link that, when clicked, will display a full copy of that invoice. Should a local copy be needed the easiest way to get a PDF version is to use the print to file option in the Chrome or Firefox browser.

Chrome Browser

Once you are viewing the desired invoice simply right click on the page and select Print.... In the dialogue box that following select Save As PDF in the Destinations section and the click Save. This will open a standard download file dialogue to save the invoice to your local computer.

Firefox Browser

Once you are viewing the desired invoice simply select Print from the system menu. In the dialogue that follows select Print. This will open a further dialogue in which Print to File will be listed as a printer. Once this is highlighted a name and local destination for the file can be selected. When the Print button is clicked the page will be saved as a PDF file to the selected location.

Can I get a paper invoice posted to me?

Memset is not able to post paper invoices. Should you need a paper copy of an invoice simply follow the above instructions for generating a local electronic copy of the invoice and print it off on your printer.

Can I get a VAT free invoice?

Memset will automatically issue VAT free invoice if the organisation is registered charity and the registered charity number is supplied to Memset. Furthermore, if the organisation or personal address used to open the Memset account is located outside the EU no VAT will be added to the invoice.

Last updated 19 September 2019, 14:53 GMT