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Payment Methods

What payment methods does Memset accept?

Memset accepts the following three payment methods:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Debit/Credit Cards of the following types:
    • Visa credit
    • Visa debit
    • MasterCard
    • Maestro
    • Electron

For bank transfers, please see your invoice for account details or contact sales.

Bank address:
Barclays Bank PLC
Docklands Branch
1 Churchill Place
E14 5HP

In order to expedite the processing of bank transfers some accompanying information must be provided. Please include the invoice number with a bank transfer.

How do I manage payment methods and add/remove cards?

Memset provides a facility to manage payment methods, add and remove cards and set the default payment method. This page is linked to from the Account Summary page in the Payment Methods section via the link marked Update payment methods.

This page allows the selection of the default payment method via thedrop down list under the Auto-renewal defaults. This drop down list will contain, by default:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Credit or Debit cards

Any new cards that are added to the account via the Add new card payment link will also appear in the drop down list.

Cards can also be removed from the account by clicking on the red Delete button (shown below). However, if a card is set as the default payment method it cannot be removed until a different payment method is selected. This can either be either a different card or a bank transfer.

When a card is set as the default payment method it will look like:

However, once an alternative payment method or a different card is selected this entry will change to look like the following:

The new buttons will enable the card to be deleted or set as default.

How do I change the contact details that are used on invoices?

Memset will use the Billing Contact details for invoices. Please refer to the Managing Contacts section of the documentation for more information on Memset account contacts. This section can be found here:

The detals on an issued invoice cannot be altered. However, a new invoice for the same item using new details can be reissued by contacting the sales team at

How do I pay an outstanding invoice with a card?

Any outstanding invoice that was previously configured to be paid via cheque or bank transfer can be paid using a card. This is done by adding a new credit or debit card to the account using the instructions above and setting it as the default payment method.

An existing card on the Memset account can also be used by simply making it the default payment method.

What is the Security Code?

The security code on a credit or debit card is the string of numbers located in the signature strip on the back of the card. The security code is alternatively referred to as the Signature or 'sig' digits or the CCV/CVC code. Memset only requires the last three digits when entering a new set of credit or debit card details.

Last updated 5 November 2018, 14:25 GMT