Openstack Methods

API for Cloud IaaS (powered by OpenStack) services.

These methods complement the standard OpenStack APIs .


List live Cloud IaaS (powered by OpenStack) projects.

A dictionary of dictionaries keyed by project name with values
with the following keys:
String: The unique id of the project.
String: The URL of the identity endpoint (Keystone)
String: The type of firewalling for this project
Dictionary: A dictionary as described in firewalling.rule_group_info() if applicable.

Synchronise user changes in relevant OpenStack projects.

Running this will ensure that the current state of your account OpenStack users is synced with relevant OpenStack projects in our cloud.

You may poll the job returned to discover when this has been done. We don’t guarantee any particular timescale for this, but normally it will only take a few seconds.

Returns:A dictionary as described in job.status().

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