Staffordshire County Council

The Issue

The council is significantly transforming its services to the public. To that end it needs to innovate, become more agile and sometimes has an immediate short-term requirement for an IT solution. When such a project arose in the Council’s social services area Staffordshire County Council turned to the G-Cloud to help host the solution without having to go through a procurement process or use internal resources.

Initially, the Council looked at using in-house staff to host the application within their existing solution, however they realised they could buy the solution through the G-Cloud’s CloudStore, and it would be immediately available at the right price and with a flexible contract.

The Solution

Staffordshire County Council selected IaaS provider Memset from the CloudStore based on their IL2 Pan Government Accreditation (PGA), proving they have the relevant security processes in place to supply government departments, together with their short-term and flexible solutions.

Memset, whose IL2 services are offered at no additional charge, have also made their virtual servers available on an hourly basis, enabling customers like Staffordshire County Council to have access to a short-term solution, only paying for actual usage, with no minimum fees or long-term commitments.

The Benefits

The main benefit was that it was immediately available without having to use in-house resources and that the contract was flexible as it might be a solution that is only required in the short or medium-term.

The Client Says

Sander Kristel, CIO for Staffordshire County Council said: “This is our first purchase via the G-Cloud and it all went very smoothly. It’s easy to evaluate suppliers and once we signed up with Memset on 2nd November we were live the same day. Our requirement was immediate and we needed a solution that was secure but flexible enough to facilitate a potentially short-term need. This is the way we should all procure IT services.”

Last updated 21 April 2016, 08:09 GMT