Ryedale District Council

Working with Memset to Transform their Digital Services

Ryedale District Council provides services for some 52,900 residents, local businesses and the many visitors to the area. The district covers an area of 575 square miles (150,659 hectares) and is one of the seven districts that make up North Yorkshire.

Like most local councils, Ryedale is under increasing pressure to improve services for residents with less funds and at the same time exceeding customer expectations.

By working with Memset to host their website, which is visited by over 20,000 local residents each month, Ryedale has been able to deliver the best possible digital services more efficiently.

The Project Roll-Out

The main aim of the project was for Ryedale to provide local services online, rather than using face-to-face, postal or phone options. The council were committed to rolling out a digital programme to not only save money, but also to interact with residents through the communication channels they are used too, such as online and social networking.

The residents of Ryedale and their future needs were pivotal to the re-development of the website. The council wanted to ensure that they were able to connect with residents anywhere and anytime to provide more responsive services.

The Benefits

  • Roughly 10.95% of the top million websites on the internet are using Joomla to power their website, which just goes to show the quality and trust behind this Content Management System.
  • Memset’s staff are equipped with extensive Linux expertise, and this coupled with fast and easy 24/7 support means that Memset have been able to help Ryedale with a smooth transition to open standards. 
  • By using a vendor like Memset to host their application in open source, Ryedale also avoids vendor lock-in and can move their hosting between providers if required.
  • Delivering transactional services online is where Ryedale will start to see the big savings, not just in reducing the cost of legacy systems, but in customer support as well, as more and more of it moves online.

Last updated 21 April 2016, 10:10 GMT