Ministry of Justice

MOJ Deploy Memset's Protocol Break Bridge

By partnering with Memset, a major system integrator was able to make use of the Protocol Break Bridge to enable agile, cost-effective and high-bandwidth interaction between infrastructure deployed in the Corporate (Internet-facing) and PSN-connected zones for their end customer; a service provider related to the Ministry of Justice Community Rehabilitation Companies.

The problem

The customer’s design required both an Internet-facing, publically accessible deployment and a PSN-connected, high security element, and to treat the PSN-facing infrastructure as the higher-security half of a two-domain security architecture.  This necessitated complex, rapidly changing data flows between high and low security domains including VDI, management, application and log traffic.  A restrictive or complex Bridge solution would have broken application data flows and prevented the use of some tools.  The business critical infrastructure supporting the communication needed to provide an appropriate level of security and compliance whist ‘getting out of the way’ of BAU operations and development.

The solution

By partnering with Memset, our customer, a large system integrator were able to make use of the Memset Protocol Break Bridge to enable agile, cost effective and high-bandwidth interaction between infrastructure deployed in the Corporate (Internet-facing) and PSN-connected zones.

With the Protocol Break Bridge acting as a managed Layer 3 conduit between the two environments, the customer were able to rely on a secure, scalable foundation and apply only the application layer security controls required for their exact situation, optimising their compliance obligations and maximising the operational agility and efficiency.

The Protocol Break Bridge deliberate abstracts responsibility for application traffic security to the customer, removing the need for the service provider to apply complex and highly restrictive application-level monitoring and rulesets and concentrating control in the hands of those best placed to use it.

Memset’s Protocol Break Bridge is available to all public sector customers and can be rapidly deployed and configured, providing a frictionless method of connecting Internet and PSN-facing Cloud services.


  • Rapidly deployable and cost effective PSN-Internet bridge solution
  • Application agnostic, the customer applies only the controls that their data flows require
  • Flexible and able to support DevOps and agile processes
  • Minimise compliance overheads
  • Fully resilient services able to support business critical workloads

Memset’s Official to Official Protocol Break Bridge provides a simple, high performance and easily configurable method of securely passing complex traffic between Internet and PSN-connected hosted infrastructure.  The PBB is designed to be as flexible as possible, reducing compliance obstacles to agile or rich application interaction across the Internet-PSN air gap, allowing purchasing organisations to take advantage of modern DevOps business processes and cost/performance optimal solution architectures.

Last updated 24 May 2016, 09:38 GMT