Lush Cosmetics

The Brief

Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics made its name by inventing and selling pioneering beauty products, such as the iconic bath bomb, shower jellies and solid shampoo bars.  Its organic, fresh and eco-friendly values have made it a growing player in the UK's £15 billion cosmetics industry. As the company expanded, though, it became increasingly aware that a number of its existing internal reporting systems were running on under-powered hardware. Lush was faced with the choice of managing and hosting those servers internally, as had been done before, or opting for an off-site, hosted solution. The time had come to make a decision.

Lush had previously used Memset to implement a number of new systems, so had a good idea of the team and our expertise. Given this experience, they decided to speak to us again.  

The Solution

Working together, Lush and Memset decided that an off-site hosted system would be the ideal solution. It would mean higher speeds (in terms of server power and network performance), better resilience (in terms of server availability and backup/restore procedures), improved security (outside of Lush's internal network) and more options for further upgrades in the future. We developed a two-server solution: the first would host the database; the second would host the user-facing tools. These systems feature high-specification Windows servers that provided Lush with better performance from day one. Furthermore, they are upgradeable in the future, as and when Lush needs extra resources.  

The Benefits

In terms of implementation, once our proposal had been approved by Lush, everything proceeded smoothly and quickly. Regarding commercial benefits, as the new systems were installed just recently, Lush are still waiting to see the full benefits to their business. However they are confident that, if all goes to plan, Lush will enjoy improved performance, higher availability and substantial growth in the future.

The Client Says

'We have been impressed with Memset's customer service and technical support as any queries are dealt with quickly and are always fully resolved. As a company we expect our IT-providers to see the security of our data and systems as a priority. We feel that Memset provides this reassurance, along with very competitive performance-versus-cost quotes.' Scott Silverthorn, Information Systems Manager, Lush Cosmetics.

Last updated 21 March 2013, 17:12 GMT