George Abbot School

Cloud-Based Seating Planner Unifies Classroom Organisational System at George Abbot School

The Issue

George Abbot School is a large secondary school with around 2,000 students and over 200 teachers. Like most other schools they use an MIS system to track student data and performance.

Frustrated by the time teachers spent creating seating plans at the start of each term and the lack of consistency throughout, they felt that there should be a way of setting the classroom layout and also bring assessment data in from their MIS (SIMS).

The Solution

Minted Box were asked to investigate how this could be developed and after a look at the data SIMS output, they built a powerful system called MINTclass, which enables teaching staff to automatically optimise the classroom in a simple way. Utilising up to date student data, it provides the teacher with all the relevant information they require at their fingertips.

Displaying key data clearly on a student card MINTclass enables teachers to keep track of their current and target grades, makes you aware of any SEN they may have and enables you to view specific notes and customised information about them. This allows the teacher to stay fully informed.

The Benefits

All teachers at George Abbot School are now using the MINTclass software, having gone from doing their seating plans by hand or using Excel spreadsheets. The program has unified the whole classroom organisational system and saved teachers a considerable amount of time every day.

Encouraged by Minted Box’s suggestion to host the platform externally, George Abbott School worked with IL2 accredited hosting provider Memset, who provide the external infrastructure to host MINTclass. Having the entire system on external infrastructure has meant that internal IT staff have not had to be involved with the project or system maintenance allowing their resources to be used in other ways to improve the overall learning experience at George Abbot School.

The Client Says

Never before has there been an application that allows staff to take full control of their classroom, using up to date school data from their in house information systems to optimise and plan the layout of their classes.

Existing programs and apps on the market might have the ability to organise seating plans, but none of them utilise up to date student data. In other applications all the data still needs to be input manually rather than automatically being available as it is in MINTclass.

As the application is cloud-based our teachers have this resource at their fingertips, whether working from home or in the classroom.

Last updated 21 April 2016, 08:05 GMT