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All Rights ReservedMon, 28 Jul 2014 13:54:22 +00003600Memset Claim Change In Security Markings Demonstrates Government's Appetite To Push Data Onto Public Cloud<p>G-Cloud SME supplier Memset has applauded the Government on the recent changes to the security classifications which they believe demonstrates a desire to push more data and applications into the public cloud.</p> <p>The changes in the security requirements for the &lsquo;Secret&rsquo; and &lsquo;Top Secret&rsquo; tiers are minimal, however, the changes to the lower tier are more significant as the new policy consolidates national &lsquo;Not Protectively Marked&rsquo;, &lsquo;Protect&rsquo;, &lsquo;Restricted&rsquo;, and some &lsquo;Confidential&rsquo; information under GPMS into the <a href="" target="_blank">single &lsquo;Official&rsquo; tier.</a></p> <p>The &lsquo;Official&rsquo; tier allows for particularly sensitive &lsquo;Official&rsquo; information to be identified using an additional handling caveat &lsquo;Sensitive&rsquo;.</p> <p>Memset, who recently secured IL3 or &lsquo;Official over PSN&rsquo; accreditation from CESG, welcome the changes from the Government. MD, Kate Craig-Wood, said: &ldquo;The old impact levels system was hugely complex and poorly understood, which created a significant barrier to entry for many companies, especially SMEs. This simplification will greatly open up the public services ICT market.</p> <p>Collapsing lower security tiers into one is also a clear indication from the Cabinet Office of an appetite to push more services into the public cloud. This is great news and is the only way the full potential savings of G-Cloud will be unlocked. In my expert opinion there is absolutely no reason why the majority of government ICT should not be conducted using British, high-security public cloud providers via the normal Internet, using existing encryption technologies.</p> <p>As a pioneer in obtaining our IL3-PSN accreditation we were significantly hampered by a lack of transparency around requirements. The mooted publication of all non-protectively marked security guidance documents, previously hoarded by CLAS consultants and CESG, is most welcome. It is important that SMEs can assess the requirements rather than being scared off by fear, uncertainty and unnecessary complexity.</p> <p>I also hope that they will work with Industry in developing the new standards, which I expect are quite "skeletal" at this stage. For example, do we need central accreditation at all? Banks have been managing ultra-high InfoSec for years without a central accreditor, instead relying on approaches including robust penetration testing to deliver provable security. This is a time of opportunity to do things better and cheaper."</p> <p><img class="alignleft" src="" alt="G Cloud " /></p> Mon, 28 Jul 2014 13:54:22 +0000 Wins Best Managed Service Innovation at the 2014 ISPA Awards<p>Memset, a UK-based leading provider of cloud IaaS solutions, has had their Content Delivery Network named as Best Managed Service Innovation at this year&rsquo;s annual Internet Services Providers&rsquo; Association (ISPA) awards.&nbsp;</p> <p>The ISPA awards are the UK&rsquo;s longest running Internet Industry awards celebrating innovation and best practice in the UK&rsquo;s Internet industry.</p> <p>Memset has been a previous winner of this award in 2011 and was also a finalist in 2012 and 2013, proving they have very successfully created a culture of continuous innovation.</p> <p>The &lsquo;Best Managed Service Innovation&rsquo; award was awarded to Memset for their Content Delivery Network which they make available at no extra charge to customers using their <a href="">Memstore cloud storage service,</a> saving bandwidth and processing power of web servers and delivering visitors with faster access to content.&nbsp;</p> <p>Dave Richards - Head of Web Development at Tastecard who use Memset&rsquo;s CDN said, &ldquo;We have been with Memset for several years and they have always met our hosting requirements. When launching our blog across our multi-server platform, we recognized that we needed a single location for images to be stored and shared between servers. Memset's CDN was the ideal solution and it didn't take long for us set it up and get it running. Now when our bloggers create new posts all images become available on the CDN automatically, meaning images are accessible in a secure location with a high transfer rate available. This not only solved our critical problem but was also very easy to implement.&rdquo;</p> <p>Kate Craig-Wood, managing director at Memset said: &ldquo;We&rsquo;re delighted to win the Managed Service Innovation category at the ISPA Awards. Our employees are fuelled to innovate with their ideas and creativity and keep innovation at the heart of Memset. Our CDN is a prime example of an innovation delivering real results for the company and our customers.&rdquo;</p>Mon, 14 Jul 2014 14:51:21 +0000 SME Memset Achieves IL3 Accreditation<div>Leading SME supplier to the G-Cloud project,&nbsp;<a href="">Memset</a>&nbsp;have today revealed that they have achieved Pan Government Accreditation to Impact Level 3 (PGA IL3).</div> <div><br />Memset is now one of a select few holding the highest level of accreditation for Cloud hosting services. Completing the IL3 accreditation process, Memset is compliant to process "OFFICIAL information and connected&nbsp;to the PSN Encrypted Overlay", to use the&nbsp;<a href="">new Government Security Classification</a>&nbsp;terminology.<br /><br />Kate Craig-Wood, MD of Memset said: &ldquo;This is fantastic news for Memset and our partners. We have many SME customers with great products that they want to take into the IL3, or official, space and now we&rsquo;re able&nbsp;to provide them with the accredited infrastructure platform they have been waiting for.&rdquo;<br /><br />As a pre-existing SME, providing hosting services to the private sector for over 10 years, the accreditation process has very much been the meeting of different worlds, with Memset teaching CESG about their&nbsp;approaches to open source and cloud whilst they helped Memset understand the mandated government security approaches.<br /><br />"As a trail blazer it has been a strenuous process for an organisation of our size, but we look forward to sharing our experience with the Cabinet Office in hopes of easing the journey for other SMEs gaining official/IL3&nbsp;accreditation,&rdquo; continued Craig-Wood.<br /><br />Many G-Cloud approved SMEs don&rsquo;t have the spare capacity or resource to achieve higher levels of security accreditation with no assurance of revenue. This has presented a blocker to government's goal of bringing&nbsp;SMEs into public sector IT, but Memset have shown it can be done and hope this will inspire others to follow suit, bolstering the G-Cloud ecosystem.<br /><br /><a href="">Peter Wenham</a>, director and co-founder of Trusted Management, a consultancy specialising in Information Assurance and Cyber Security who took Memset through the entire process of gaining the accreditation said:&nbsp;&ldquo;Memset have become the third G-Cloud supplier to achieve compliant IL3 status, it&rsquo;s a fantastic achievement for an SME especially in light of the government&rsquo;s drive to ensure that a quarter of its spending will go to&nbsp;SMEs by the end of 2015.&rdquo;<br /><br /></div> <p><img class="alignleft" src="" alt="G Cloud " /></p> Wed, 11 Jun 2014 16:31:36 +0000’s National Crime Agency Distributing Questionable Password Advice<div><strong>- Best Practice Is To Have&nbsp;A Separate Password For &lsquo;Every&rsquo; Web Site You Use Says Tech Entrepreneur Kate&nbsp;Craig-Wood -<br /></strong>&nbsp;<br />The UK&rsquo;s National Crime Agency (NCA) is using the two week threat of&nbsp;a mass cyber attack to make the UK public aware that they are taking&nbsp;insufficient&nbsp;precautions to protect their sensitive information such as bank account details&nbsp;and passwords. 
<br />&nbsp;<br />NCA&rsquo;s&nbsp;<a href="">Get Safe Online</a>&nbsp;campaign&nbsp;is telling users to never store passwords on your computer.<br />&nbsp;<br />However, UK Tech entrepreneur Kate Craig-Wood says this is very&nbsp;questionable advice, and strongly disagrees with their advice about not&nbsp;storing&nbsp;passwords on a computer. Best practice is to have a separate password&nbsp;for &lsquo;every&rsquo; web site you use, and those passwords should be machine-generated.<br />&nbsp;<br />You should then have a master password, also machine-generated,&nbsp;which you use to gain access to a password safe like&nbsp;<a href="">KeePassX</a>&nbsp;where you store all&nbsp;those&nbsp;passwords. &nbsp;KeePassX and similar tools all use on-disk encryption which&nbsp;make it difficult, if not impossible, for malware to access the stored&nbsp;passwords themselves.<br />&nbsp;<br />Machine-generated passwords is protocol at Craig-Wood&rsquo;s IT hosting&nbsp;company, Memset in fact she has developed the&nbsp;<a href="">Memset password&nbsp;generator</a>&nbsp;that&nbsp;anyone can freely use to generate their own passwords.<br />&nbsp;<br />Assuming people are doing the common sense IT housekeeping steps of&nbsp;keeping their systems up to date and employing some anti-malware/virus,&nbsp;then&nbsp;three of the biggest cyber threats, according to Craig-Wood are:<br />&nbsp;<br />1) Spearphishing attacks. This is where someone sends you an email&nbsp;that looks legitimate (eg. from your bank or social media site) which sends you&nbsp;to&nbsp;an also-legitimate-looking related Web page that asks you to log in. Both&nbsp;the email and Web site are spoofs and phishing attacks are becoming&nbsp;increasingly sophisticated, with the site and email being almost&nbsp;indistinguishable from the ones they emulate. This risk is mitigated by having&nbsp;a&nbsp;different password for every site (ie. they don't then have access to&nbsp;everything), but can only truly be defended against by being diligent in&nbsp;checking&nbsp;the URL.&nbsp;<br />&nbsp;<br />2) Key loggers. These are quiet bits of software that run in the&nbsp;background on your computer and collect all your keystrokes (passwords, credit&nbsp;card&nbsp;numbers, the works), periodically sending them off to the criminals for&nbsp;future use.&nbsp;&nbsp;Using the above approach for&nbsp;passwords can help protect your&nbsp;system since you are then not entering in your&nbsp;passwords manually, just copying-and-pasting.<br />&nbsp;<br />3) Companies losing your data. There have recently been numerous high-profile breaches of consumer data from the Sony Playstation Network to the recent eBay security breach. This goes further to emphasis the importance of having different passwords for different websites.<br />&nbsp;<br />-ends-</div> <p><img class="alignleft" src="" alt="" /></p> Wed, 04 Jun 2014 16:06:35 +0000 Increases Foothold In Local Government IT <p><img class="alignleft" src="" alt="G Cloud " /></p> <p align="center"><strong>Memset Increases Foothold In Local Government IT</strong></p> <p><strong>Cranleigh, Surrey &ndash; 22 May 2014 </strong>&ndash; Leading SME supplier to the G-Cloud project, Memset have today revealed a smattering of new council contracts as they continue to increase their foothold in local government.</p> <p>The announcement comes on the eve of the G-Cloud V framework going live where a 13% increase in the number of suppliers is expected. Memset&rsquo;s continuing success provides these new suppliers with encouragement that the framework is working, especially in light of the head of the Government Digital Service (GDS) saying he believes that most local councils in the UK are unaware of G-Cloud.</p> <p>Recently outsourcing their infrastructure requirements to Memset is Devon County Council who are using the IaaS supplier&rsquo;s open source hosting platform for a new website.</p> <p>Devon County Council join recently secured accounts with Ryedale District Council and Sheffield City Council, alongside the Staffordshire County Council who has been using Memset for their ICT requirements since 2012.</p> <p>Robin Pape, Memset&rsquo;s public sector advisor said: &ldquo;We really want to work with local authorities so they can understand the massive cost savings that are available through working with smaller and more competitive suppliers like Memset.&nbsp; We&rsquo;re confident that as local authorities like Devon, Sheffield and Ryedale start talking about the cost savings they have achieved the vision of the G-Cloud will start to snowball.&rdquo;</p> <p>The Cabinet Office is in the process of demonstrating to local authorities how much they can actually save via G-Cloud, and Memset prides itself on being extremely transparent with the costs and savings available to the public sector.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>-ends-</p>Fri, 23 May 2014 14:18:07 +0000 Named As Finalist in 2014 ISPA Awards<p align="center"><strong>- Content Delivery Network Provided Free Of Charge With Memstore Puts Memset Into the Managed Service Innovation Category -</strong></p> <p>Cranleigh, Surrey &ndash; 3 June 2014 &ndash; The Internet Services Providers&rsquo; Association has today announced the <a href="">finalists for the 2014 ISPA&rsquo;s</a>. The UK&rsquo;s longest running internet industry awards and Memset are delighted to have been recognized in the Managed Service Innovation category.</p> <p>Memset have made serious inroads into the managed-services market thanks to their all-inclusive model including storage, virtualization, server infrastructure and cloud computing.</p> <p>With <a href="">Memstore</a>, their cloud storage product, a content delivery network is provided&nbsp;at no extra charge other than for bandwidth. This is a highly-resilient cluster of multiple servers in geographically diverse locations, all with massive network connectivity.</p> <p>Memset&rsquo;s CDN allows customers to replicate their infrastructure in the desired geographic locations by using a virtual machine with the required specifications - essentially, buying a "slice" of Memset&rsquo;s pre-built infrastructure, providing a more cost-effective way to scale and reduce latency for geographically dispersed areas.</p> <p>Providing this service for member dining club Tastecard, Memset have been shortlisted for this award which enables Tastecard to not only save precious bandwidth and processing power of the web servers, but to also provide web visitors with a better and faster access to content.</p> <p>ISPA Secretary General, Nick Lansman said: "Congratulations to all those shortlisted for the 2014 ISPAs which again shows the real strength and diversity of the UK internet sector, which underpins the whole economy. The new categories reflect the massive rise in cloud and digital services in the last year, and it&rsquo;s great to reward those who have innovated in these areas.&rdquo;</p> <p>The ISPA award winners will be announced during a gala ceremony at the Park Lane Hotel in London on 10th July.</p> <p>-ends-</p> <p><img class="alignleft" src="" alt="" /></p> Mon, 19 May 2014 10:18:45 +0000 Much Can the UK Public Sector Save By Using Open Source?<div class="image"> <p><img src="" alt="G Cloud " /></p> <span class="caption">G Cloud </span> </div> <p><strong>How Much Can the UK Public Sector Save By Using Open&nbsp;Source?<br />&nbsp;<br />-&nbsp;Memset&nbsp;Demonstrate The True Cost Savings of Open Source -<br /></strong>&nbsp;<br />With the government&rsquo;s&nbsp;&ldquo;<a href="">open&nbsp;source procurement</a>&rdquo;&nbsp;mandate already in place, where public sector&nbsp;organisations have to demonstrate that they have included open source choices&nbsp;within their procurement activities, Memset have been&nbsp;able to demonstrate the&nbsp;real cost savings that can be realised when using open source.<br />&nbsp;<br />For example, the cloud costs for a public sector organisation looking&nbsp;to deploy a typical high-traffic web application serving content to&nbsp;public&nbsp;citizens across 35 virtual machines, using an IaaS vendor who doesn&rsquo;t use open&nbsp;source, will be faced with over 40% of the cost&nbsp;being made up of VMWare&nbsp;licensing fees.&nbsp;<br />&nbsp;<br />Whereas, using open source alternatives, such as&nbsp;<a href="">Xen</a>&nbsp;instead of VMWare, the&nbsp;costs can be considerably lower. In fact, in this example&nbsp;above, by using an accredited&nbsp;open source alternative, the exact same service can be delivered by Memset for&nbsp;nearly &pound;140K less over a&nbsp;three year period.<br />&nbsp;<br />&ldquo;With the UK government&rsquo;s&nbsp;<a href="">&pound;200m&nbsp;spend on Microsoft&nbsp;licensing</a>&nbsp;since 2010 proving to be the headline example of&nbsp;the huge cost of&nbsp;software licences to the UK public sector, we can prove that&nbsp;there are further savings that can be achieved from the infrastructure side of&nbsp;things as well,&rdquo; said Robin Pape, Memset&rsquo;s public sector advisor.<br />&nbsp;<br />Open source enables government departments to not only slash their&nbsp;IT bills, but the technology can be leveraged to achieve better&nbsp;scalability,&nbsp;reliability, agility and security for their unique business needs. Further,&nbsp;public sector organisations can avoid vendor lock-in by&nbsp;using open standards.<br />&nbsp;<br />Early adopter local authorities in the UK, such as Staffordshire, Surrey and Sheffield councils have all used Memset to evaluate open source as part of&nbsp;their acquisition decisions.<br />&nbsp;<br />&ldquo;We want to educate and raise awareness of the benefits of open&nbsp;source - but more importantly we want public sector organisations to&nbsp;know that&nbsp;just because they are using VMWare or other proprietary software for their&nbsp;infrastructure, this shouldn&rsquo;t stop them from&nbsp;migrating, and that the cost&nbsp;savings are large enough to consider making the move to an open source&nbsp;alternative like Xen,&rdquo; concluded&nbsp;Pape.<br />&nbsp;<br /><br /></p> <a href="/media/medialibrary/2014/03/OpenSource_costs_V2.pdf"> Open Source Costs PDF </a> Thu, 13 Mar 2014 20:45:36 +0000 Comes Out On Top At The UK Cloud Awards <p><img class="alignleft" src="" alt="" /></p> <p align="center"><strong>&nbsp;</strong><strong>- Picking Up Two Awards At The Inaugural Cloud Pro Awards Programme -</strong></p> <p>British cloud provider, Memset last night continued to raise their dominance of the UK cloud market, scooping two awards at the inaugural <a href="">UK Cloud Awards</a> organized by Cloud Pro magazine.</p> <p>First up Memset secured &lsquo;Storage Product of the Year&rsquo; for <a href="">Memstore</a>, their new cloud storage solution, based on open source software that delivers a flexible, scalable and safe way for customers to store their data in the cloud on a pay-as-you-use basis. Due to Memset&rsquo;s novel approaches they have been able to undercut the price of market leader, Amazon&rsquo;s Simple Storage Service (S3).</p> <p>Memstore has also been accredited by the Pan Government Accreditor, securing IL2 accreditation 1<sup>st</sup> June 2013, demonstrating that their innovative solution is also compatible with secure government IT data.</p> <p>Memset&rsquo;s MD, Kate Craig-Wood was also highly honoured at the awards and named &lsquo;Cloud Personality of the Year&rsquo;.&nbsp;</p> <p>Maxwell Cooter, editor of Cloud Pro said: &ldquo;The Cloud Personality of the Year award was given to Memset chief executive Kate Craig-Wood for her evangelical work in promoting cloud services and her work with government bodies in ensuring cloud remains in the forefront of political thinking. It was a good night for Memset, the company also won best Cloud Storage Product for its Memstore offering.&rdquo;</p> <p>The UK Cloud Awards are jointly organised by the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF), Cloud Pro and techUK, the UK&rsquo;s organisation for technology companies. Alex Hilton, CIF&rsquo;s CEO, said: &ldquo;The variety of high calibre entries we received was exceptional, in this first year of the UK Cloud Awards.&nbsp; The quality of the entries and winners show the depth and breadth of the cloud innovation that tangibly exist in live working services today. Cloud has clearly matured and we look forward to seeing further development over the year for an even stronger event in 2015."</p> <p>-ends-</p>Thu, 27 Feb 2014 13:12:06 +0000 Shortlisted For Three Awards in the UK's First Cloud Awards <p><img class="alignleft" src="" alt="" /></p> <p>Memset, a UK-based leading provider of cloud IaaS solutions, has been shortlisted in three categories at the first-ever <a href="">UK Cloud Awards</a>.&nbsp;</p> <p>The awards, launched by Cloud Pro, in association with The Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) and techUK, are designed to reflect the growing importance of cloud within the UK&rsquo;s technology community. &nbsp;</p> <p>Hoping to scoop the title of the UK&rsquo;s &lsquo;<a href="">Best IaaS Provider</a>&rsquo;, Memset is up against Amazon Web Services, Outsourcery and
 Skyscape Cloud Services for this prestigious title that seeks to recognise the organisation that is providing flexible, affordable and reliable infrastructure to the market.</p> <p>Memset&rsquo;s storage product<a href=""> Memstore</a> has also been recognised as a finalist in the 'Storage Product of the Year' which seeks to recognise products that have added capability, economic benefit and assurance to the storage of data for UK organisations.</p> <p>Finally, <a href="">Kate Craig-Wood, Memset&rsquo;s MD</a> is in the running for 'Cloud Personality of the Year' which intends to recognise a person whose contribution to the UK cloud market has an outstanding contribution to the progress that has been made to date.&nbsp;</p> <p>Craig-Wood was not only co-lead of the technical strand&nbsp;of the Cabinet Office's G-Cloud project, but she&rsquo;s gone on to establish the&nbsp;10% Group, a&nbsp;group of cloudy SMEs which have been vital in continuing to help shape the G-Cloud&nbsp;programme and ensure the&nbsp;government stay true to their promise that 25% of&nbsp;public sector spend will eventually go to SMEs.</p> <p>Kate is also the only SME representative on the <a href="">European Cloud&nbsp;Partnership steering board</a>.</p> <p>techUK director, Ian Osborne (who was also one of the judges) said: "The awards represent an important moment for the cloud industry and techUK is working closely with these businesses to ensure UK cloud companies have access to market intelligence; can develop their commercial networks; and have the opportunity to enter new markets, both domestic and international. The quality of the entries for the UK Cloud Awards was truly outstanding and is indicative of the talent, innovation and huge potential of this industry.&rdquo;</p> <p>Memset find out if they will be crowned winners at a ceremony at London&rsquo;s City Hall on 26 February 2014.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p align="center">&nbsp;</p>Thu, 20 Feb 2014 14:18:54 +0000 Whitehall IT Contracts at £100m Is Not Too Restrictive Says SME, Memset <p><img class="alignleft" src="" alt="G Cloud " /></p> <p>News that no government&nbsp;information technology contract should be worth more&nbsp;than &pound;100m according to&nbsp;Cabinet Office is welcomed by SME, Memset who believes the move will help to remove&nbsp;further&nbsp;barriers to public sector cloud computing adoption and encourage a more&nbsp;open marketplace.<br />&nbsp;<br />Whilst many have seen the measures as being too restrictive, Memset&nbsp;firmly believes that the rules published by the&nbsp;Cabinet Office last week are&nbsp;good news for all suppliers of cloud services, especially SMEs.&nbsp;&ldquo;Limiting contracts to &pound;100m&nbsp;does not constrain SMEs but does help put an end to the mega-contracts&nbsp;which were the norm until recently,&nbsp;and the rules still allow departments to make a case for exceeding the limit where they can justify it&rdquo; said Robin&nbsp;Pape, Memset&rsquo;s Public Sector&nbsp;Advisor.<br />&nbsp;<br />The Cabinet Office reforms also limit new hosting contracts to two&nbsp;years, and put a stop to automatic contract extensions,&nbsp;again welcomed measures&nbsp;from Memset.<br />&nbsp;<br />&ldquo;All suppliers like to win longer contracts but&nbsp;restricting&nbsp;hosting contracts to two years is not an issue for true cloud suppliers&nbsp;who stick to <a href="">open standards</a>, as we do, so&nbsp;that customers can easily migrate&nbsp;their data and applications to new suppliers, maintaining competition and&nbsp;downward&nbsp;pressure on costs,&rdquo; continued Pape.<br />&nbsp;<br />Cloud services supplied by&nbsp;<a href="">Memset via the CloudStore framework</a> are easy for public sector customers to&nbsp;adopt with&nbsp;services deployed within hours of contracts being finalized.<br />&nbsp;<br />A further measure introduced&nbsp;by Francis Maude is making suppliers choose whether to be a service provider&nbsp;or service&nbsp;integrator, but not both, for a particular customer.&nbsp;&nbsp;&ldquo;This will also drive the move to the cloud&nbsp;model and a more open&nbsp;marketplace. &nbsp;We welcome this announcement and&nbsp;the commitment to rigorously enforce these measures,&rdquo; concludes Pape.<br />&nbsp;</p>Wed, 29 Jan 2014 12:06:38 +0000