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How Memset Keeps Financial Institutions Safe

jul 25 2017

With customer data at stake, choosing a web host with a reputation for security is important for any financial institution. Memset is a UK-based host that offers best-in-class security for its customers.

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Is the Privacy Shield about to get Trumped?

feb 02 2017

UK cloud firms poised to cash in on a new US executive order restricting data privacy rules to US citizens and permanent residents

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Guildford Lions fireworks bounces back with stunning turnaround

nov 16 2016

A stunning turnaround has been achieved by this year's Guildford Lions fireworks. The event predicts an incredible profit of £30,000, in the same year organisers launched a desperate financial appeal to keep the show on. This is a massive success and by some way the largest profit for many years.

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Met Police issues £350m tender for future IT procurement framework

nov 11 2016

London's Metropolitan Police is set to copy the UK government's cockup-ridden digital services framework by developing its own, according to a contract published, for some reason, on the Welsh government website. The framework "is designed to enhance the MPS' current Solution Delivery supply chain," says the contract notice, with "solution providers" being expected to "bring knowledge, experience and functional expertise" to the bobbies.

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G-Cloud 8 goes live on the Digital Marketplace

aug 02 2016

Framework supplier Fujitsu welcomes agreement’s impact on public sector procurement; argues improvements can be made around feedback and local government awareness The eighth iteration of the G-Cloud framework has gone live this week as part of an ongoing process to try and significantly reform the procurement of cloud commodity services in the public sector.

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What's Brexit? How Tech UK tore up its plans after June 23

jul 25 2016

Leaders of many British tech firms were less than thrilled to hear that the UK had voted to leave the European Union. “I was shocked and horrified,” says Kate Craig-Wood, managing director of hosting firm Memset, who we spoke before the June 23 vote. Her comments were echoed by others.

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The G-Cloud dream is dying for SMEs, says Memset director

jun 17 2016

Kate Craig-Wood, managing director of Memset, one of the original technical leads of the government’s G-Cloud framework, was a strong believer in the initiative, but now says her mind has changed.

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Memset's MD slams G-Cloud

jun 17 2016

The company has had no new business from the government's cloud platform for three years Memset's MD, Kate Craig-Wood has revealed the company has lost faith in G-Cloud, because it has not had any new business and the investment has not paid off. "We are seeing an utterly pitiful return via G-Cloud – about £100k/year. We do have a fair bit of other government business now, but not via G-Cloud and still only 6 per cent of our revenue overall. Nowhere near enough to make it a profitable venture," Craig-Wood wrote on her blog.

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G-Cloud 8 application deadline extended

jun 17 2016

The deadline extension has come the same week that suppliers have been sharing their experiences of trying to sell through the agreement and whether they see value in continued involvement. Kate Craig-Wood, founder of cloud hosting provider Memset, spoke of her disenchantment with how the framework was functioning based on the level of investment the company had put in to meet compliance and security requirements. Craig-Wood questioned the company's sales approach, whether infrastructure as a service is too complicated for middle management, and the way government buys, saying "the whole point of G-Cloud was to break away from the hideousness of old boys' networks and closed procurement systems."

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Early G-Cloud advocate says the “dream is dying”, warns of gov “propaganda”

jun 16 2016

What started out as the odd bit of criticism trickling through, is now almost certainly a trend. Whilst we at diginomica have been pretty avid supporters of the G-Cloud framework over the years, which has been designed to break down barriers to entry for SMEs wanting to win work with government, and simplify complex procurement processes by providing an online marketplace for cloud services – it can’t be denied that there is a growing tension around the framework’s continued success.

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