The Problem

Back in 2010 Ultracar had a need to move to a reliable secure environment for their business. The car leasing company, based in Warwickshire had been experiencing growth and decided that it would be a good idea for the long term future of the company to move to a virtual platform where they could use flexible dedicated resources at a small manageable cost for their IT requirements.

The Solution

Ultracar has a multiple VM machine solution with one machine deployed for each channel of their business. Ultracar has even experienced issues in the past and this is what happened:

“I spent a week to-and-fro with a support engineer because my EL6 kernel doesn't have selinux enabled (a little annoying, hopefully this gets sorted soon)...He spent the whole week trying to build me a custom kernel with selinux enabled. Bare in mind, I was paying £9.95 per month for this VPS, and he was trying to build a specific kernel for me!! Fantastic.”

The Benefits

In having multiple server solutions Ultracar can add segmentation and redundancy into their own IT solution allowing them to have resilience and flexibility built into their solution.

The advantage of virtual machines over dedicated is that at any point Ultracar can add additional resources to their account with minimal disruption or downtime, short notice periods and no contracts with an exceptional SLA and uptime guarantee.

“My VPS instances must be business grade. I run a variety of websites and web services, including MTA stacks and databases...they must be reliable and available. From this perspective...the service offering is great, good work guys!”

The Client Says

“This morning, my latest VM order was set up 6 minutes after order this is shows why there very little chance I will ever take my business anywhere else… Over the last 15 years, I've trialed many different hosting/vps providers...each has its own awkwardness or annoyances that we tend to become used to and accept. A few years ago, while looking for a new VPS a friend
referred me to Memset...I quickly checked out the price of their baseline VM (just under £10 per month, with no long term contract) and thought I'd have a crack and see what they were like.”

“Memset has proven themselves to be consistently reliable and responsive. If I have called or emailed...be it sales or support - I've got a very fast response. Previously I've rang, desperate to have a VPS provisioned quickly and the sales person bumped me up the queue and got it happening.”

David Riches, MD, Ultracar

Last updated 12 February 2016, 13:56 GMT