The Issue

Safeloans has been trading since 1989 and has over 20 years of experience in the credit industry. They offer short-term loans and are passionate about helping people who need a bit of extra cash before payday.

As the majority of payday loans are made using a convenient online application form, the website requires a very secure and highly reliable Internet connection, which is why hosting is a critical part of the system.

Following the Croydon riots in 2011, Safeloans started to worry about the security of continuing to host on-site and decided that finding the right hosting company was key. Safeloans contacted all the major hosting providers and, while costs are always something to consider, security and reliability were their main priorities. Memset outshone their competitors by meeting all Safeloans' needs and they also happened to have the lowest prices to boot.

The Solution

With up to 10,000 visits per day peaking at different times across the year, Safeloans needed a solution that could expand with demand and handle the applications and approval process, together with the online payment side where customers can repay their loans in a variety of methods. To achieve this, Memset set up private cloud infrastructure comprising of four dedicated servers and four large virtual servers which are all completely flexible to support fluctuating demand. This set up supports Safeloans' website and SQL database.

The servers which Safeloans uses are split, offering the functionality to work as a dedicated server with a virtual machine tacked on and used only when demand outstretches the dedicated server.

For further peace of mind, Safeloans also added on Memset’s Perimeter Patrol service. This security vulnerability scanning service conducts a monthly sweep of all systems and locates any vulnerabilities. Memset then fixes them and informs Safeloans of what has been done.

The Benefits

After first making contact with Memset in August 2011, Safeloans' servers were live by the following month, and the improvements were instant. Everything Safeloans needed to do to run a smooth business suddenly became easier. “Primarily, having all the support we need in one place,” noted Nigel Bryant, Safeloans' Founder and Director. “I have my own account manager at Memset who I have a great relationship with. Whenever I need anything, I can simply pick up the phone to him and the job is completed without me needing to lose any sleep. Memset has outstanding security performance checks, giving total piece of mind to Safeloans and all our customers,” said Bryant.

Safeloans has also experienced significant cost savings since moving to Memset. Previously they employed an IT company for ad-hoc support, however, since moving to Memset, they no longer require these services and have saved over £16,000 in IT support fees since September 2011.

On top of this, the continued pressure of when to upgrade systems and the necessary licensing charges are now a thing of the past, saving both time and effort.

The Client Says

Our business success is totally reliant on our customers' trust, so having a secure site that can be accessed 24-hours a day, with as close to 100% uptime as possible, is essential for us to prove that we are a company worth doing business with. Memset makes this happen with an intensive hosting package which meets all our criteria of price, security, support, site monitoring, ease of use, stability, flexibility and ease of update. Memset offers an outstanding professional service, and we couldn’t ask for a better hosting partner,” concluded Nigel Bryant, Safeloans' Founder and Director.

Last updated 12 February 2016, 13:16 GMT