Intern Avenue

The Issue

The founder and CEO of Intern Avenue, Dupsy Abiola, had been invited to present her business idea on BBC2's primetime show, Dragons' Den. This was undoubtedly good news and would lead to widespread publicity — but there was a snag. Intern Avenue feared that hits to would soar while she was on the show, immediately afterwards, and during any repeats. Many of these hits would be categorised as "impulse browsing"; however, the danger was they threatened to overwhelm the site and cause it to crash.

The Solution

Duspy contacted The Scale Factory: they have done extensive work on ITV's primetime shows, including The X-Factor, and know how best to accommodate extreme online spikes caused by TV viewing. Having successfully worked with The Scale Factory before, they chose to work with Memset on the project.

Memset developed a server and network specification for Intern Avenue and built it for them. The Scale Factory put together the server that Memset were using to do automated provisioning and automated configuration management. They then installed a pair of application servers, database servers, management servers and monitoring software. Memset automated deployment of the application so that, with a single click of a button, developers could update the site with the new version.

The Benefits

Having completely revamped the software and servers, as well as having done some performance testing, the night of the TV show came. Despite huge traffic, the site worked perfectly. Moreover, a high-availability serving platform was introduced, showing no points of failure. Memset and The Scale Factory provided the infrastructure to allow the site to be strong enough to withstand UK television-style volumes, all on a limited budget.

The Client Says

'We worked with Memset because, having worked with them before, we know they're good value for money. Certainly, for the sort of organisation Intern Avenue are, it's an ideal fit. The support team were as responsive and capable as they always are at Memset — this is another reason why we like to work with them.' Jon Topper, The Scale Factory.

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Last updated 10 May 2013, 15:38 GMT